Thank goodness for plotka

In 1996 Mike Richards used money he earned from mowing football fields and local school lawns to buy a 4 track tapey recorder. Jeremy Peiffer was then Mike’s best friend. Jeremy and Mike had a sort of rippey offey Nirvana band (-as so so many bands at that time went…and strangely-or-not-strangely enough, sometimes still go…) with Ken McCurdy, who was a best friend to both of them, since about 7th grade age 1993. Jeremy and Mike got into an almost daily routine of going to Mike’s basement, drinking lots of Snapple or fruit juice boxes, eating handi-snacks, and playing loud loud loud loud loud loud loud loud loud obnoxious rocky music. Mike also just spent a lot of his own time recorditizing alone in his bedroom or in the basement. At this time, there was a lot of Sebadoh, Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Breeders, Comedy Central, Sex Pistols, Bikini Kill, Weezer, Velvet Underground, and Pavement being listened to (a number of other names omitted here to decrease irritating and dumb balls name-dropping). So this here Thank Goodness for Plotka entity was Jeremy and Mike’s 4 track obnoxiousness and live performance act. They collected up a set of about 10 songs each, where they would switch between playing drums and playing guitatar/singing. The small handful of shows they played in 1997 and 1998 were noisy, small-scale, spunky small town hot fun times. Basically not many more people than just their friends showed up at the youth centers and VFW halls they played at (in Toluca and Minonk only): they had tons of fun without making any money, getting drunk/doing druggggs, pimpin’, or acquiring the all-exalted groupies of rock stardom. Over the few years that Jeremy and Mike were playing they probably unloaded about 15 tapes among various friends at their Fieldcrest high school, and a couple abroad. Through Thank Goodness for Plotka the connection to the Racing Pisshorses was made, which was solidified in the LEGENDARY….LEGENDARY…LEGENDARY one-time-only appearance of The Racing Pisshorses and Thank Goodness for Plotka at the now-demolished exalted TIAMAT RECORDS in big bad Peoria, Illinois (that’s little Chicago for all you yokels there). For the few elite that were there, this was a most amazing performance where supernatural energy was all around; oozing from the indecisive 5 minute waits between each songtration. It seemed almost that time was at a haltey in honor of the unspeakable majesty of the performances this night. Yes, this was nearly as splendideryiferous of a legendary performance as when Mr. G. held out that long note on his beautiful soprano saxophone that fateful night where history was forever unsuspectedly transmorphasized. –But of course you can read about this and probably every other Thank Goodness for Plotka show on our little flyery archivitizer page.


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