art by Jj

what do you make of all this?

the following photographs may or may not suggest interesting images and thoughts. if you strip your imagination of inhibition, you might have a little fun. or maybe a lot. you may need a second opinion.

for optimum viewing happiness, i suggest hitting F11 on your computer. this maximizes your browser so you can see more of the paintings. when you've finished looking, just hit F11 again and it'll go back to where you once were.

how did i get in here anyway?

as it should be

barbie doll clown rottweiler from hell

anchovies have it rough

styrofoam lovers in suspended animation


squirrels at play

take your time

beware the rooster

labrador's last breath

i've never seen a snake eat beef jerky. well, now i have.

the fireman and the phantom

thank you

these photographs are derived from a photo shoot of a frozen waterfall. happiness is helpful. what do you see in these pictures? the same things i do, or something else? drop a line on our guestbook.

all images 2000-2005 jj gregg/photo mazurka

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