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the evolution of contemplation

what do you see?



untitled #397

an abandoned bungalow

These photos are from one of my favorite afternoons. Mike, Annie, Alli and I enjoyed fanta floats, hammocks, abandoned houses and the richest sunset I've ever seen (mike has my pictures...). Annie let me borrow her old school SLR camera for these pictures. I'm not sure how this mirror picture happened. I didn't really orchestrate it, just realized it was waiting.

on the mend






between rains



where the dust settles



blue streak



sunset waves


These pictures are from a complex of Buddhist caves in India. They are carved into ancient lava flows. Some were temples, some were monasteries. But the inviting beauty of Ajanta begins with its contemplative surroundings. What I couldn't capture with my camera was the depth looking down from the bluff above the caves. Here, I felt so calm as birds flew ever so slowly, smoothly into the depths. I loved the caves themselves because Mike and I sang inside them, and they sang back to us.

natural monastery #1



natural monastery #2



natural monastery #3

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