art by Jj

here are several 'portraits' most of which are people. I hope you enjoy them. if you do, share your thoughts on the intangible cat guestbook.

for optimum viewing happiness, i suggest hitting F11 on your computer. this maximizes your browser so you can see more of the paintings. when you've finished looking, just hit F11 again and it'll go back to where you once were.


Annie #6

this shot is from a roll of pictures I took of Annie. there's something exciting about trying to capture who someone is in a photograph, not who they want to be. photographing annie was the first time I felt I somewhat accomplished this. her wry smile and her nervous jade bracelet hand: this was the annie I knew in India.


mike is one of my dearest friends.
were it that I could share more of my life with him.

before napping



smoke #1



smoke #3



smoke #2



in the mirror #3

mike under the canopy

rhododendrons in the sun



puddle drops

sayo at rest

there's a starfish behind your ear

self-portrait with 'island'

the vortex of happiness

all images 2000-2005 jj gregg/photo mazurka

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