art by Jj

sadness, maybe

i don't know if plants feel sadness. i find myself wondering about it quite a lot, though. i wonder about what nature is and how nature might tell me how i ought to live. lately, i've been wondering if this 'naturalistic fallacy' that i'm trying to answer is even the right question. so, as it stands in the here and now, i look to the plants here, look into them,
and i find peace.

as per these photos, for optimum viewing happiness, i suggest hitting F11 on your computer. this maximizes your browser so you can see the whole photo at once. when you've finished looking, just hit F11 again and it'll go back to where you once were.



don't lose perspective

breathe again, again


as the wind pauses


all images 2006-2007 jj gregg/photo mazurka

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