Cory Bengtsen – sampler, keyboards/piano, saxophone, bass guitar, turntable.
Bob Newell – sampler, keyboards, percussion, drum machine.
Mike Richards – guitars, effects, drums, percussion, bass guitar, keyboards/piano, tapes.
Phil Klampe – keyboards, sampler, artwork.
D. Petri & Gus Kumo – post editing, mixing, mastering, and various art works.

Amalgamated is a collaboration of Illinois, USA -based multi-instrumentalists Mike Richards (Rebekah's Tape, main operator/artist of Makeshift Music, etc./Intangible Cat), Cory Bengtsen (Rebekah's Tape), Bob Newell (Headless Ballerinas Underwater), Phillip Klampe (Homogenized Terrestrials), and producer/editors D. Petri (Dog Hallucination), and Gus Kumo (Gushing Cloud). In 2004 the instrumentalists of the group began gathering periodically with a 4 track cassette recorder or 16 track digital device to record their improvisations.

The music Amalgamated makes is diverse, and can end up being electronic, ambient, sometimes noise-oriented, industrial, danceable, psychedelic...The group has recorded many different sessions which constitute many different approaches and moods. Listeners may discern influences of artists such as Nurse With Wound, Brian Eno, home taper & industrial music from the 80's & 90's, Autechre, Dead Voices on Air, and miscellaneous other music/art/movies/literature touchpoints. The eclectic nature of Amalgamated's music is not so much a deliberate posture as it is a natural result of the members' enthusiasm for many different types of aesthetics and methods of creation.

P.O. Box 33
Spring Valley, Il 61362
Invitations to splits, collaborations, trades, performances, and compilations welcome.


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