The Mayonnaise


mouse click to see double exposure windy cover art with quote: have you ever wondered about how much water goes over the Niagra falls? This recording is exemplary of the MAKESHIFT vibe, with its nuerous approaches in sound creation, recording techniques, moods, and ideas. Moods include dreamyness, eerieness, violence, madness. Though this is an example of the cassette movement-type artsyness, the majority of the pieces of music on this recording have structure and are to some degree deliberately composed. The emphasis was on texture, mood, and invention of unique sounds with the instruments. Surreal art music created by fertile teenage minds in a small town where imagining what experimental music would sound like brings such things into existence.A couple of standout tracks; the media class video Mike & Shawn made circa 1998 for 'Aurora Borealis Lips', and an audio sample of 'Combining Fluids' below.

MS07(CD.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5.00 USD ppd

The Mayonnaise - Combining Fluids - from MS-7 - s/t 1997 by intangiblecat

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