Only the finest and most expensive equipment was used in recording this professional, and therefore viable, ALBUM. Recorded by professional recording artist producer Stevel Larbjiv at his custom studio at a cost of $790/hr. All profoundness purveyed through improvised 12 bar blues jam guitar solos played on a $3,000 Les Paul Studio Custom (Bird's-eye flame-maple top), vintage 1972 through all-original all-tube Marshall half-stack (1969 = EXPENSIVE). This fine equipment enables a very authentic true-blues sound; a sound that when appropriately and professionally conjured is a manifestation of God himself on earth. All improvisations on this recording are designed to demonstrate skill as infinitely more valuable than sponatneous expression and creativity. Great pains were taken to emulate trademark sounds originated and previously reproduced numerous times by innumerable other people, especially those old blues guys from Chicago, those guys with the makeup, and those glisteningly attractive people on Tele-Vision who E A R N E D their respect by toiling countless hours honing their heaven sent talent and marketing their work PROFESSIONALLY with a deep sense of pride spiced with a little bit of unimaginable magnificence. The makers of Rebekah's Tape is Professionalism spent their hard-earned dollars to make sense of this complicated world, just for YOU! Marvel at the amazing beauty of the lowest common denominator, stunning lack of surprise and the awe-inspiring non-exploration. Brilliant is the only word that comes close to describing these on-target de-originalising flavor-cans. Admiration of such super-human alter-ego type uber-caliber musicianship and presentation is inevitable. Indeed, any dissent from such high principles renders such recordings as sub-human bird-doo and therefore unworthy of the premier label "music". If you are an important music expert person, or even a musician yourself, who has heard, understood, and done every conceivable idea there is to know in all genres of music (all 6 of them), this recording will cause for you tremendous sexual arousement, and your eyes will water as if you've been dicing onions.