The Nerms

tooth health for click now happy This collection is a bit more low in fidelity than many other recordings listed in this place, but found amongst the low fidelity is another large variety in approaches and concepts. The higher fizz content is due to a lot of the pieces being recorded live with one or two microphones to pick up sound. A couple things were recorded on a porch and in a back yard, and some others were recorded in a variety of basements. There are several notable non-live pieces, such as 'MEAT', (inspired by an episode of Ren & Stimpy, and created for a high school media class project...see video below.) which is a lovely polka song wherein a fellow strangely preoccupied with meat tells the listener over and over again with fluctuating emotive inflections in his pseudo-beastly voice what he is preoccupied with. Kiss Me is a prettiness doo dad with semi-wordless delay-smothered female voice. 'Autumn true love' is a venture wherein 4 tracks of a specially-tuned guitar being knocked and scratched upon to produce an array of pretty string ringing sounds were recorded, which bubbles out of random pretty droning into a concluding brief rhythmically shaped softness feeling. 10% wackiness, 40% organic prettiness, 40% crazy rocky, 10% wacky fun slaps.

The Nerms - Kiss Me - from MS-11 - s/t 1998 by intangiblecat The Nerms - Kinetic Lamp - from MS-11 - s/t 1998 by intangiblecat

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