Homogenized Terrestrials

Phil Klampe has been making homemade abstract recorded sound packaged with immaculate and fascinating artwork since the early/mid eighties. Under the name Homogenized Terrestrials, he has amassed a catalog of intensely interesting and unique recordings in the veins of minimalism/electronic/musique concrete/ambient music well worth digging into. He has been involved with Hal McGee, Brian Noring(FDR tapes), Charles Rice Goff III, Headless Ballerinas Underwater, Rebekah's Tape, Dog Hallucination, and others. Some of his releases are available for streaming and purchase at the bandcamp link below, and you can get a copy of his most recent full-length 'Worlds Away' through Intangible Cat here.

Homogenized Terrestrials at Bandcamp.com

Homogenized Terrestrials Facebook


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