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Well, the idea for the band started out with Ryan asking JJ if he wanted to start a band, after jazz band concert (in 1994). So we started one. I'm not gonna tell you how we got our name, but you can ask me another time. First the band had Ryan, JJ, and Geoff. We don't have a picture of Geoff, but here's ryan & jj in 1996:

Then Drew from vermin spit joined us in fall 1996. No picture now. Then Mike from rebekah's tape joined in fall 1997. Here's a picture of the three of us (l-r: Jj, mike, ryan) at the Zarathustra festival in May 1998.

Well, we drifted for awhile, and we played our last show with Ryan in August, 1999. That winter Randy (also of rebekah's tape persuasion) joined on bass. We played a show at some bar in January (below) and then played a show with rebekah's tape in March (next to bar pic)

Then sometime that summer Randy left the group. Cory from rebekah's tape joined us for some concerts in summer 2001 and June 2002. He's still within us.

That's Cory on the left and Randy on the right

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