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Music currently available from the racing pisshorses:

1995 it only takes one to stop an ice cream truck" 7" EP
The first release from the racing pisshorses.
1996 "just when you thought you could pick your grandparents... (tape)
Sort of full length release.
1996 "bipolar freezerburn fest" compilation, 4 songs (tape)
fun songs all the way through
1999 "Zarathustra" video
This video's not for everyone, but the pictures are cool. This thing's pretty much out of print, but if you really want a copy we might be able to find/make one.
1999 "Kinetic Dog Hallucianations" Compilation, 2 songs
On Makeshift Music, etc.
2000 "Yard Sale" CD
Acoustic simplicity.
2001 "The Salamander Slithers" CD
Cool pictures and poems go along with nice songs. Have a listen.
2001 "----------------" CD
An improvisation from Mike, Ryan & JJ. Delightful, delectable, destructible.
2002 "fingernails as an alternative to postage" CD
a collection of sonic experiments from the days of old. bright color-type artwork.
2003 "tone deaf afro, i'm told" CD
first CD featuring sitar playing. headphones help the pictures.

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