kinetic dog hallucinations CD

"kinetic dog hallucinations" gathers a few of the more shining moments in Makeshift's Music history up to 1999. The collection spans 6 albums and includes songs unavailable elsewhere. If you wonder what Makeshift "things" sound like, this particular collection will most likely do you some good. A variety of musical ideas, moods, and approaches encompassing but not limited to the following overused adjectives: NOISY, EXPERIMENTAL, weird, silly, campy, violent, DREAMY, pretty, comical, LO-FI, bloated, hairy, smelly, attractive, toilet-trained, housebroken, housebreaking, circumlocuting, hydrogenated, and hard-boiled. 65 plus minutes.

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kinetic dog hallucinations front cover

1. Aurora Borealis Lips a
2. Dumptruck Dance Mix for the orange Juice impaired a
3. Dog Hallucination  b
4. Yes, I will slow dance now a
5. As I stare at the wall  b
6. My Favourite yellow   b
7. Kinetic Lamp /// from c
8. Dream With True Dream d
9. Sarah #1 (Fall Version)   b
10. There is a bee in your soda. /// e
11. Katy /// e
12. numb dry eyeball /// e
13. Dan's room (the racing pisshorses)
14. cowspit /// from: d
15. Chester, Chester (the racing pisshorses) f
16. Mosquito larva (live)
17. a piece of every girl's hat
            *full mp3!*
18. unrest
"slow version" on yum walbs


b-Air Conditioners
c-the Nerms
d-rebekah's tape
e-light bulbs
f-fingernails as an alternative to postage


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Music samples 1996-99 Makeshift Music, etc. and the racing pisshorses

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