light bulbs: yum walbs

wum yalbs or yum walbs: you be the judge, jury, executioner, praying mantis, what have you

There ain't nothin' I like better than a little bit o' the ol' yum in my walbs. Sure 'nuf, this bugger'll deliver the goods. Tidy instrumentals. High mellowness content. Got cello, piano, pseudo-jazz, pseudo non jazz, and happiness on there. Some them wit lo-fi, some wit comparatively more 'fi'.

MS26(CD) . . . . . . . $8.00 USD

Sound Samples from this album:

'abraham lincoln'
(full-length mp3!)

'nonverbal communications'
'unrest' (the kinetic dog version)
Music samples 1998/1999 light bulbs/makeshift music etc.
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light bulbs: macrocephalics light bulbs

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