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tape collage grape collection This here, Rebekah’s Tape, is abstract and noisy. Instinct is there only (as someone in India might say). Therein you find: Some kind of entity emitting just about any type of ridiculous sound that can be emitted vocally over detuned guitar madness. A couple of scrappy bits of some guy yelling about all kinds of stuff with other guys banging on some kinds of instruments in the background. A very odd person cackling about this calculator-implanted thing he caught while fishing. Elongated dingy feedback pummeling. Obtuse candle-burning cave paintings made into sound. This cassette is rebekah's tape's first album - created upon request for girl named Rebekah, who provided the boys with a 60 minute tape and instructions to fill it with whatever they chose. Electron flight to the rebekah's tape homepage.

MS14(CDr in slimline jewel case w/insert) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.00 USD ppd

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Rebekah's Tape - Cowspit - from MS-14 - s/t 1998 by intangiblecat Rebekah's Tape - Cowspit clip 2 - from MS-14 - s/t 1998 by intangiblecat

Music samples ©1998 rebekah's tape

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