mouse click = more art cover The second, more swallowable dish of r. tape sporadicism. Still being semi-overtly noisy-ish, ‘happy happy..’ has a fair amount of poppy flops. “Downstairs” is a silly song about monsters in the basement, -quite straight forward in contrast to most gibberish from years ago. No noise, no yelling, no tampons duct taped to shawn’s armpits. “The me nobody knows” is lulling dreamyness titled after a touching book compiling personal writings of ghetto children. “Zit farm”, (‘pus field’ - misspelled 'p-u-s-S') in the tape folder), is a self-depreciatory, thoughtful meditation on acne. (“PUS FIELD: THAT’S WHAT YOUR FACE IS!”) “Brigitte bats” is a little girl talking about spray painting a bat and then levitating to the closet to get a shirt. “Hello?” is a strange thing that was found on mike’s answering machine. This tape (now also on CD) is a pretty digestible little splat of glop. At least satan thinks so. r-tape homepage

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Rebekah's Tape is Happy Happy Haps sampling by rebekahstape

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