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diwali sitar
This album is filled with warm. Both subdued and inviting, this album curls around your ears and inside your head. "dead leaf bug" incorporates inventively modified elements of Balinese Gamelan music (which sounds slightly like a xylophone, but warmer), poetry, acoustic guitar, sitar, Indian flute, and many other sounds. There are two sitar pieces, one accompanied on a tabla-like drum, the other is solo sitar. The fourth piece is very soothing and may calm the listener to sleep. "give large puppies sweet loud kiss" interweaves off-kilter African-sounding percussion, reversed acoustic guitar, and playful meditative voices in various languages.

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CAT-3(CDr in slimline case w/insert) .
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music by Ustad Usman Khan, JJ's sitar teacher

Visit Tunas Mekar's website for more information on Gamelan music.

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