the gleam in her eye tells me why...

would work minimum wage for you, girl

Basslines didn't come to the party to fess, Basslines came to flex. And y'all can rest easy that this debut joint from the man Justin Timberlake has attempted to assassinate on three seperate occasions (like some Tonya Harding-ass punk), steps... and steps correct. Shit, Basslines don't even have to pimp hoes, he'll do it without the dental plan, he'll do it just to be your man... click for bonus pics Basslines pimps genres y'all. Basslines makes it hot-to-def with twelve tracks (free audio samples and tracklist here) of muzikal phenom fury rockin some a that funk, some a that reggae, some a that young country shit... damn muthafuckas, Basslines even rocks like Bjork y'all! Don't forget the indie rock and the death metal, Basslines just won't let these muthafuckas be. Peep this joint comming straight outta Jackson County KC. Word up you sleepin-ass punks!
- Steady Flexin
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