The Avons - Hardscrabble 7"

A fun yet moody 7" record featuring music of the same sort of vibes as a smokey night club full of rubbery cartoon characters has really late on a Friday night. Vaguely sounding like Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, the inbred and ever-undulating staff members of L'Avons eked out this couple of oddball soundtrack tunes last winter during a week long recording freeze-in. The wide open flat spaces of government-subsidized GMO cornfields in Illinois makes some small town people with creative leanings do some silly shit for kicks.

If you've not yet heard of The Avons before, below is an offering of some informative passages to direct you toward somewhat of a vague and tiny understanding of what the group might sort of be about. These texts are attributed to Avons affiliates Ronnie, Donnie, and Reginald:

Proudly presented by Pampers brand diapers, The Avons wish to present the most unusual yet attractive songs available on the internet and on physical records.  They are a collective of music-minded people from central Illinois who try to shape music after their own tastes, whether good or bad.  One particular member has said, “My most significant musical influences are The Shaggs and Insane Clown Posse.”  It doesn’t mean he has bad taste all of the time, it just means sometimes shit just sticks and we end up liking it.  So, don’t try to fight it.  The Avons don’t.  The only thing they fight is bad guys.

The Avons are a collective of music-minded people in the center of Illinois, all connected by a drive to skillfully make the performing arts more how they wish it was.  The core philosophy that has held them together for nearly 10 years as of 2012 is the simple phrase:  “Here’s a song, let’s do this song.”  Followed by “That song is okay but it would be better if it was more this way.”  “Okay, let’s do it that way.”  “Okay, now it’s my song, not yours.”  “Now I don’t like the song as much any more.”  “Let’s give up on this song.”  “Okay.”

Yes, we have no Bananas; we’re the Avons. Are you fucking with me?

Limited to 50 copies.

Grayish blue mixed colorblob vinyl 7", hand stamped side notification markings, and golden Avons symbol of authenticity on record, one-sided color insert.

$6.00 ppd US/Canada:

$11.00 ppd Europe/World:
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