Horses & Charriots

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A more focused sequel to Horse & Charriot. (the first sequel, Songs of Horse & Charriot, is much more meandering.) Track one, Aluminum (free full-length mp3), does well to reintroduce the calm ‘space-ness’, and/or ‘dream-ness’ that can denote the Horse & Chariot ilk of the Makeshift catalog, while also introducing the approach particular to this one right here. (drum machine/loop based rhythms, with the melodic echo-ey guitar based melodic instrumentalness akin to the first H&C) (there are two songs with voice as well.) Simple yet compelling sleepy-quiet-reverby-prettyness in a 29 minute, 50 second deposit. flip it on over to the sprightly ones
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Partake in sound:
pure leather
        Aluminum (free full-length mp3)***
blizzard/driving down a road in the middle of the night

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