no way out

From the Metaphysical Circuits shop:

Our new favourite supergroup/collective concocts, here, side-long lysergic collages of lovefest chillaxation.

Indeed, what amalgamations!: cavernous effect pedal invocations in concert, above and beneath home-studio-centric four-or-more-to-the-floor pseudo Kosmische blissnosis. Ayurvedic breaks and/or beats, solar synth flares and pop riff proceedings egress from musical marshscapes and marvellous misshapes. It's 2005 vs. 2013, with 2178 refereeing.

Welcome (or welcome back) to 'Moonbase Amalgamated.' No way out... but we don't really want to leave anyway.

44 min. Cassette.

$8.00 ppd US/Canada:

$10.00 for BOTH NO WAY OUT C44 AND Spark II 3" cdr Ppd. US/Europe/World:

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