This is the flyer Mike drew for the performance that tracks 1, 8, and 9 are taken from. Phil Klampe of Homogenized Terrestrials was nice to record the entire performance for us. The Hong Kong Electric Company's performance this night was highly entertaining, featuring the gigantic mustache as usual, preposterously obsessive and frequent puffings from a huge cigar, and debut of one of our favorite pieces of theirs; "beastiality", which features a delightful call-and-answer segment where the audience is solicited to make various animal sounds. The r. tape performance this night was largely based on things Cory and Mike programmed into Cory's sampler; ambient-type musics composed of loops made from things recorded in Mike's basement. A sound collage made from tapes, samples, and live manipulation of instruments/effects, mingled with several ambient-type repeditive pieces, and one sort of proper song based on backing from a 4 track tape mike made (the song "a list is made" - from the e.p.) This was a stab at having a lot more texture at a live performance. It ended up being a totally one-off deal. It was very fun and we were very glad to have about 20 people show up and really enjoy it.


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