Since the first split cd release with Audible Paz in 2005, Gushing Cloud has taken the 6 year interim to undergo extensive artistic exploration, including isolated as well as collaborative learnings. Prism Shelter, the new 7 song, 28 minute CD from Gus and company, exemplifies this broad range of exploration in the language of music. This EP was recorded roughly between 2004 and 2010, being retouched, reimagined, reworked, reforgotten, remembered, reassembled and remassaged throughout the 6 years. After years of indecisiveness, Gus finally decided to compile an appropriate collection of songs that fit together and seem to tell an abstract story covering areas from childlike wonder and innocence to deeper wells of mystical longing and fear. "I had to force myself to finish an actual release I was happy with, after too long of playing around with no finished stuff. It feels satisfying to have finished something that shows various emotional places that the vehicle of funkiness can take you. I also wanted people to feel it in their buns, at least some of the time."  Gus's liberally mentioned "funkiness", which in earlier years turned up in the slightly more conventional realms of dj/sampler/instrumental hip hop/beat musics, has reached into deeper waters with Prism Shelter. Sounds of slappy synthesizer poppy weirdness, 3/4 bass funk, quirky,uplifting, almost-dance-tunes, minimal ambient explorations of meloncholy, dark-dub sludge-metal groove, tribal guitar-noise screech: alot of ground is covered in this un-full-length piece. 7 songs for 7 dollars. A worthwhile peek into the Gushing Cloud land of mysterious tomfoolery and magical buns-funk.

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Full color collage art printed disc in cardstock sleeve with applied color artwork.
$8.00 ppd US/Canada

$10.00 ppd Europe/World

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Intangible Cat Prism Shelter Set by Gushing Cloud

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