MS 23

This music invokes an introspective mellowness atmosphere. This ambience is partly created by the deliberate absence of electric instruments; a self-imposed challenge to the creator. Acoustic guitar, a very old zither, bells, broken cymbals, trash bags full of crushed cans, and a few other primitive random percussion items are the materials used to form the concept. There is a fairly large variety of approach between the different pieces, but the recording has a consistent quiet/eerie/somber mood throughout. A search for a way out of ugly rotting feelings, borne out of mental desolation from slavery to cold weather in winter months of year 2000-1.

MS23(CD) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.00 USD ppd

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Hear some samples:
'swollen throat'   'both now wet'
'tongue knots'   summarizing (full)
'i'm sorry to everyone i've ever hurt' (full)

Music samples
2001 Makeshift Music, etc.

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