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This CD is an instrumental offering from rebekah's tape. Not sounding much like most r tape music you may have heard played "live". More silly, upbeat, floppy wackyness. It is believed that these songs were made up over the course of summer 1998, but Shawn, Mike, and Dustin only collectively comment with "We don't know when the hell we made that crap. We've been playing the crap for so long we forgot what our names were. What are our names? All we know anymore is which one burps a lot, which one's got curly hair, and which one shaves his armpits." The songs have off kilter changes. They are good songs for the musicians to make idiot faces at each other during. The 6 enclosed songs flow and glide on their special spastic soundscape, with 3 special odd home recorded treats amongst. (This mofo was recorded in a real live actual pay fat hairy money for real PROFESSIONAL STUDIO, MOMMA!!)

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MS-22(CD) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.00 USD ppd

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