3" cdr w/ special hand made packaging.

A mini-album of dreamy and moving textures put forth mainly by manipulated guitars. Serving Two Masters is a eulogy and remembrance as well as a rumination on elusive and omnipresent aspects of human living. Tribal drumming, uplifting and bewitching guitar texture-phrasing, and sections from nostalgic personal recordings are edited and situated carefully to form a carefully paced audio stream-story in slightly less than 24 minutes.

Also of note:
This 3" e.p. is a segue and prelude to a long-labored and delayed full length album slated for release late summer 2014, to be called Mitzi, which deals in similar emotional, textural, and instrumental territories.

CAT-19....3" CDR / Download
High quality, specially designed, hand cut & folded, home printed paper envelope w/ high quality printed disc, inserts, beet leaf-dyed fabric & pressed sage leaf from D. Petri's garden.
Limited to 50 copies.

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