Intangible Cat focuses primarily on experimental music/art, and/or anything else we find to be outstanding/amusing in distinctive ways. All releases thus far at Intangible Cat are CDR/DVDR/CD releases often with hand-prepared packaging. We started out using cassette tapes in the late 90's with MAKESHIFT Music, etc. and Eeffoc & Maps, but with the simplicity and then-amazing novelty/newness of CDRs we switched over in the early 00's. We are non format prejudiced and will be releasing items in a variety of formats going forward.
All of our available recordings can be ordered through PayPal. If you don't have PayPal or would prefer to send a check or money order through the mail, we love getting mail and corresponding with individuals so go right on ahead and do that. We will wait until your check clears prior to mailing items, if that's how you choose to make your purchase.

We are open to doing trades for most of our releases. Just email and propose what it is that you'd like, and what it is you'd like to trade us for it.

We want to work with artists who are similarly interested to create distinctive, high quality items with attention to detail. The more carefully articulated your work is, the more likely we are to be interested. Sending demos & communication via physical mail with some information regarding your intentions and ideas will be seriously considered and appreciated, but a soundcloud dropbox submission with supporting information of course works too. Send an email when you use dropbox or else we may not find your dropboxed item until an undesirably lengthy period of time has elapsed. Try too. That works. We will do our best to respond to all submissions. Send items to the INTANGIBLE CAT address found through the CONTACT link. Here is for SoundCloud:
Send me your sounds

The vast majority of available recordings on Intangible Cat are "studio recordings", not representative of any live performance entity...but a few entities responsible for recordings have performed in the past and/or currently perform. We have attempted to link the artists' home pages (where applicable) from the page of each release in the catalog, so information on past/upcoming performances, or lack thereof, is available. Performance schedule and contact information for our currently active performance entities can be found at the individual artists' pages via the CONTACT page.


Make contact via contact page. Thanks.