A collaboration between Dog Hallucination and Headless Ballerinas Underwater's Bob. Experimentation with guitar textures, electronic rhythms, field recordings. The fruit of numerous recording sessions some time in 2007 and plenty of editing hours, August - September 2011. About 2/3 of the total recorded material was utilized to produce this product (there is some raw material remaining, which may be shaped into another 3"). The intention was mostly for Bob to pulverize Dog Hallucination's guitar sounds further by taking the output from their guitar effect chain and running it into Bob's electronics. The imagined final product was to be a full length album worth of shifting, blended patchworks of tonal and sometimes non-tonal textures. For the field recording acquisitions, a few occasions were spent at the local nature scene, Starved Rock State Park - Illinois, recording sounds of the forest. A few other occasions were spent recording sounds in Bob's neighborhood, and the nail factory workplace D. Petri shared with Bob at the time. Over the course of a few months the recording sessions graduated to creation of rhythms and employment of percussion instruments. After these recordings sat magnetizing dust for a few years, finally things fell into line where D. Petri could sculpt something from the mass into a completed product. Have a listen to the file below, or follow the download link to listen to the entire thing.

23 minutes and 10 seconds on a 3 inch cdr. Ultra high quality printed disc and artwork by D. Petri.

Limited to 50 copies.

Reviews: Dog Hallucination Press Page

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audio sampling:

Bob Hallucination track 2 by doghallucination 

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