The first of a 2 x 3" cd set of pieces recorded before a live audience at short-lived La Salle, Illinois music venue The Spark in November, 2007. The selections utilized for the two Spark 3" cds are pulled from more than two hours of improvised material, and finessed into detailed, lush, and strange electronic / industrial / noise / ambient constructions by Amalgamated producers D. Petri and Gus Kumo. Delicately sculpted, amorphously placid, floatingly colorful, texturally titiallating. Listen / download below.

Vinyl sleeve with full color printed disc and insert inside. Black vinyl decal applied to outer front.

Limited to 50 copies.

Ultra high quality printed disc and artwork by D. Petri and Phillip Klampe.

Vinyl cutting/plotting and Illustrator work for Amalgamated symbol sleeve decal by Clayton Outain.

Reviews: Amalgamated Press Page

CAT-15....3" CDr

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