Homogenized Terrestrials
The Contaminist

Phil Klampe has finished a new recording after two years of accumulating a hefty amount more of hi-tech equipment and having plenty of time to think. The Contaminist is a more carefully composed, arranged, edited, and mixed collection than earlier albums. It has a gentle impact, utilizes more tonality, and is generally more grounded in a world of emotions than in the parallel dimensions of incomprehensibility often evoked by his compositions of the past, though many far-reaching and unfamiliar sounds are still summoned up from the guts of the circuitry and woven into the mix. The pieces gathered on The Contaminist are dramatically eerie and dreamlike, putting it in line with some of Robin Storey, Mark Spybey, Coil, Brian Eno, or Christian Fennesz' recordings. The palette includes the sounds of acoustic instruments and sparse percussion, often ethnic in nature. Human voices and analog synth sounds are carefully placed in many pieces, lending perfect warmth. Out of all of H.T.'s 36+ releases, this is his most smooth, peaceful, rich, and evocative. A studied volume of ambient magic.

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