The second of two 3" cds formed out of material recorded before a live audience at short-lived La Salle, Illinois music venue The Spark in November, 2007. This second and final installment of the Spark mini disc mini series is a bit edgier and more complex than the first. The details of texture and mix architecture are finer, and the arrangements of sound elements and instrumentation are more colorful, due mainly to the fact that the pieces of music here are livelier than the understated ambience of Spark I. The gist of Spark II's 4 tracks is visceral, chaotic, and steeped in restless energy, with potent currents of contemplation stirring throughout. Within just a bit more than 23 minutes Amalgamated deftly grasps and brandishes a variety of moods and aesthetics with full, sweet, meaty flavor (note: two members of the group are vegetarians, despite implementation of this potentially useless/extremely helpful adjective) Simple in its direct emotional impact, yet eloquent in the care of its performance and delivery. Listen and download below if it pleases you.

Vinyl sleeve with disc and insert inside. Black vinyl decal applied to outer front.

Limited to 50 copies.

Ultra high quality printed disc and artwork by D. Petri.

Vinyl cutting/plotting and Illustrator work for Amalgamated symbol sleeve decal by Clayton Outain.

Reviews: Amalg Press Page

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CAT-17....3" CDr.

$5.00 ppd US/Canada.

$8.00 ppd for BOTH Spark I & II - US/Europe/World

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