Rebekah's Tape
O.O.'s Fightin' Birthday Bear

Rebekah's Tape took 11 years to get to the point of having their own live concert DVD...and the local concensus is that this DVD was worth the wait. The previous R. Tape release, " Pregnant" was in lieu of the new album, and this here DVD is in lieu of being more in lieu of the new album. The concert features songs that have not yet been recorded elsewhere. A real good rounded out concert with some festive antics strewn throughout the length of the performance. R. Tape manager & producer Stevell Larbjiv acts as a sort of master of cerimonies/side show, as well as later playing strong advisory role in the final outcome of the concert film and artwork for the DVD. HOTTT. Shot on 4 digital video cameras, recorded in digital hi-fi, and super-edited/super-mixed by Mr. D. Petri. While not being big bad super-duper HD, it is surely H.Q.

Extra features on the DVD include 2 documentary-like shorts featuring Stevell Larbjiv, Rebekah's Tape merchandise commercial, and audio commentary on the concert by Stevell Larbjiv. A fun and entertaining music document of a unique "semi-artsy/semi-noisy rock-type band" in their own element, surrounded by good friends and family, putting on an, upbeat yet extremely serious, down-to earth, ultra-high-minded, philosophically profound show on all levels of reality to the listening/viewing audience.

That's the Birthday Bear!...and that's Stevell Larbjiv right there, too!!! Look at 'em!!

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